Find Properties for Temporary Accommodation

Designed for Local Authorities looking to acquire properties off-street for Temporary Accommodation and other affordable uses

How it works

Vestega has a ‘Default Inputs’ functionality which allows over 100 assumptions to be set by each user depending on their unique funding strategy, operational costs and delivery body (General Fund vs arms-length vehicle).

As part of the default inputs process, you can also set key KPI’s you’d like optimised such as the year in which General Fund savings are made, overall savings, internal rate of return and many more.

The default inputs and KPI’s are overlayed against live property listings to then return a list of the best investments for the Local Authority to optimise financial return and value for money.

Once a property is shortlisted the user can then use the software to work out the viability at different price points, run sensitivities, download automated prospectuses for investment boards and help support the acquisition team during the pre-acquisition process.

Our software allows each property that is completed to be added to a portfolio that not only logs the investment specifics, but also shows the overall projected performance of the portfolio to ensure key objectives are hit throughout the acquisition period.

Who we help

We primarily support Local Authorities looking to acquire properties in-house or through arms-length vehicles to address Temporary Accommodation or other affordable uses.  Our software helps identify the very best properties from a financial and non-financial position and helps monitor savings to the revenue account.

Why use our software?

Group 120

Site A

Example property

Price paid

£ 250 k

Rental yield

46 %

Vestega can also support you with:

View property analytics & assess
development feasibility

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