Vestega readies to launch debut app, innovating land & property investment

Developed alongside the multi-award-winning consultancy 31ten Consulting, the much-anticipated debut app from Vestega prepares to launch into the market. Vestega – Feasibility provides users with powerful property analytics and development feasibility to help understand the development potential of any site in the UK, at the touch of a button.

Vestega is a 31ten-backed initiative and company using data innovation to optimise land and property investments. Our web-based tools are custom-built and designed for a range of users including local authorities, investors, property professionals, developers and portfolio managers.

31ten’s relationship and wealth of experience with the public sector has been a driving force in the development of Vestega’s software, using real-time case studies and tapping into client experience and feedback throughout the product’s evolution. This iterative process has ensured the app has been custom-built, to provide its users with intuitive, user-friendly exportable data, that supports robust decision-making.

Vestega – Feasibility gives you:

  • Sales and rental data, construction costs, CIL policies, building heights, planning permissions and demographics from just a postcode
  • An automated appraisal to calculate land value, optimise affordable tenure and mix and quantify risk for each location
  • The capability to scope out development potential, fine-tune assumptions and see the impact on feasibility in real-time
  • The ability to export a live financial model and appraisal in Excel

To find out how Vestega could transform your land and property investments, email us on: for more information.