Development feasibility & analytics

Understand the development potential of any site in the country, at the touch of a button.  Then develop pipeline funding & delivery strategies and optimise operational savings.

Automated Viability

Assess the estimated residual land value and delivery position of any site in the country

 Search Any Site in England

Choose a site boundary or draw your own bespoke site anywhere in the Country

 Click Run

Running a site collects data from over 25 sources, live API access and dozens of bespoke algorithms to assess likely values, costs and unit capacities

 Residual Land Value

Instant access to an automated residual land value along with detailed appraisals, sensitivities, site comparisons

 Delivery Position

Choose from a range of land delivery options ranging from disposal, land enabling, joint venture and self delivery to assess the risk/reward of each


Data & Analytics

Harnessing the power of data to provide sales rates, rents, build costs, CIL, affordable policies and many more

 Development Values

Accessing Land Registry, EPC, VOA, GLA and OS databases to estimate new build sales values, private rents, LHA rents, LAR rents and Target Rents

Development Costs

Accessing RIC’s BCIS API to provide construction cost rates for Flats, Houses & Mixed-commercial units and utilises an in-house researched database to work out any relevant CIL rates

 Site Capacities

Accessing EPC, Historic England, Environment Agency, TFL, London Datastore and many more to estimate building heights and site capacities based on flat-led and house-led designs

 Planning Applications

Live feed to planning applications in the local area with full descriptions and links to the source website


Appraisal Functionality & Pipeline Modelling

Vestega's residual land value calculation software is cutting edge with easy-to-use inputs, built-in DCF calculators and default inputs bespoke to each client. Pipelines can be modelled and updated to optimise funding and delivery stratgies.

 Site Appraisal Software

Easy-to-use, interactive appraisal software that allows any underlying assumptions to be modified or different schemes to be tested

 Pipeline Modelling

Group sites together to show peak funding, overall financial return and delivery progress year on year.  This functionality allows different site scenarios and deliveries to be quickly run and analysed.

 Discount CF Valuations

Sales value inputs can be manually modified or users can utilise Vestega’s powerful DCF calculator that runs discounted cash flow valuations for each tenure and bed type

 Default Inputs

While the Residual Land Value site search functionality utilises Vestega’s automated assumptions, users can override any assumption with their own bespoke value.

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Sharable Links, Excel model downloads and bespoke Reports

Download all data and a fully functioning excel model to review, run sensitivities and send to colleagues

 Sharable Link
A sharable web link that can be shared with users or non-users of the app which gives them access to all outputs, tables and charts.  This is a quick and effective way to share key updates and progress.
 Financial Model (Excel)

A fully functional, formula-based excel model can be printed off at anytime.  This can be shared with clients and colleagues for increased transparency and improved understanding of the Site’s viability.

Bespoke Report

A standardised (or bespoke) viability report can also be printed off, which summarises the position and details the underlying assumptions in a simple format.

 Excel Data Download

Site data, appraisals and comparisons can be printed in excel to allow the user to get all of the information they need in an industry standard file type.

Who does our Tool help?

  • Quick and cost-effective redevelopment land valuation
  • Understanding potential uplift with planning permission
  • Assessing returns if Land is invested into Joint Venture with a partner or Self Delivered
  • Optimise Affordable Housing and test different tenure mixes
  • Triage sites for development based on viability and constraints
  • Check Developer’s Financial Viability Assessment submissions by comparing assumptions and mirroring appraisal
  • Support in Planning policy setting by mapping viability thresholds and weak/strong areas of district
  • Multiple users for one account, which allows for teams to access the application
  • Access to land registry and epc databases with New Build sales estimates
  • All relevant affordable tenure rents and powerful built-in DCF calculator
  • Access to BCIS cost rates, CIL rates, Affordable policies
  • Appraisal functionality that is designed to be used with minimal training
  • Key viability information, viability excel models and data to improve bids
  • Understand viability implications of different scheme designs quickly and easily
Reg. Providers
  • Using DCF calculator to automate capital valuations
  • Test grant levels on affordable tenures
  • Optimising affordable tenure mix
  • Run potential site acquisitions to check viability
  • Set default assumptions to streamline land-sourcing process
  • Downloadable excel models, data and reports to send to key stakeholders
Many Others
    While we have named a few common industries, our tool provides value to a range of others as well!

Vestega can also support you with:

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